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Amplifying innovative brainpower

Hi! We’re Dyslexic Disruptors, because we are dyslexic disruptors.

Naturally skilled in making new variations on conventional… well spelling of course, but also patterns and ideas.

So, we’re not just creative writers,
we are creative thinkers.

And that’s a big advantage, because in our ever-changing world, born innovators, like ourselves, are vital assets to organizations who want to move forward.

And this is where Dyslexic Disruptors comes into play:

connecting supply and demand. In a growth program designed to unlock the unique skills of disruptive thinkers, we share knowledge and experience to amplify those who (dare to) see things differently.

As the go-to place for dyslexics and their companies, we help them explore, embrace, and use their talent – strengthening the capacity of professionals as well as accelerating change for businesses.

What we do!

As an indispensable resource on dyslexia, disruptive thinking and its benefits for business development, we work on creating awareness, empowering professionals, learning by doing, and the recruitment of new talent for companies.

Ignite & Inspire

Dyslexic disruptors have lots to offer organizations, both internally and externally. We discover, tap into and develop their unique competencies through:

Workshops & keynotes
Live events

Educate & empower

Only if dyslexics dare to use their exceptional brains will they use their full potential as a disruptive talent. We therefore provide:

A disruptive thinking accelerator program
Help with building inclusive & cognitive different teams

Disruptive advise

With innovative solutions, organizations are able to create inclusive work environments in which the unique skills of dyslexics thrive. We facilitate them through:

Dyslexic design sessions
Disruptive consultancy on strategy & innovation
Online training to engage and retain disruptive talent
Recruitment & talent management

Want to know more about what we do?

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Workshops & coaching

Our biggest talent is to shake things up, and we don't mean words. That’s why we offer various hands-on sessions to bring out the best in dyslexic disruptors and provide insight into the skills they bring to the table.


Make your wires work

A 60 minute (interactive) learning session

A dyslexic’s mind is a joy forever!
And as disruptive thinking proves to be increasingly powerful for forward organizations, it’s about time to discover all about it and turn this ‘flaw’ into the extraordinary strength it is.


unique potential

A 45 minute learning session

Dyslexics see opportunities where others don’t; businesses need innovative thinkers to reach new heights. Can you do the math? Be taught about the support these creative forces need and stretch the capacity of your team.

A 45 minute learning session
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Train your talent

An interactive coaching session

An interactive coaching session
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Do you feel stuck sometimes?
Are your many great ideas often misunderstood? As dyslexic professionals, we understand your struggle like no other. We also know how to do it differently and can guide you in this!

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